For Valentine’s Day, Even DC Fashion Bloggers Know It’s All About Being Comfy and Cozy

Gone are the days of squeezing into little black dresses and wearing toe-cramping heels for Valentine’s Day. Staying cozy and comfy is the objective this year, and local fashion bloggers are sharing their outfit ideas for looking cute while rocking chunky sweaters, high-waisted jeans, and yes, even activewear.

Abbey Brandon of District Dress Up

“Just be comfortable in whatever you’re wearing,” Brandon says. “Whether you’re cooking in or hanging out with friends, it’s going to be really cold, so just stay warm and comfortable.”

Abbey’s Valentine’s Day plans: “I’m going to dinner at a quiet spot in Georgetown. My boyfriend booked reservations there, so we’ll probably have some wine and grab dinner there.”

To read more, go to Washingtonian!

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9 Ways to Seamlessly Transition Your Wardrobe From Summer to Fall Fashion

Photograph by Jen Eun.
Photograph by Jen Eun.
Photograph by Jen Eun.

Originally published at Washingtonian.

Going from summer to fall tends to be tricky. The weather goes back and forth between sweltering hot days and chilly mornings, and your office still feels like a walk-in freezer. Add in the fact that fashion rules are increasingly being broken, and you’re left standing in front of your closet perplexed as how to put together an outfit that “works.”

Julien Garman from It’s Julien breaks it down for us. She goes over how to mix summer and fall color palettes, how to rock new fall trends, and how to make your pretty summer staples last through the season.

Yes, you can wear a chunky fall sweater when it’s 80-degrees outside.

Just style it differently. Instead of layering it over a shirt or dress, go a little old-school and tie it around your waist. “This simple styling trick goes a long way,” Garman says. “It adds a bit of interest and texture to any outfit, while giving you a convenient way to keep warmer during these cooler evenings we’ve been having lately.”

Skeptical on whether or not you can rock the look? Buzzfeed has ideas on how to tie, twist, and tuck sweaters, and still look cute.

Know how to mix pastels and darker fall colors.

Cuero & Mor bag. Photograph via
Cuero & Mor bag. Photograph via

Think about using similar tones when mixing pastels and darker colors: light blues with navy, creams with orange or brown. “One of my favorite combos are burgundy and blush. I have three blush-colored bags (only one black handbag, mind you), so I’m thrilled to see this color combo come to life this fall,” Garman says. “Camels and creams are also going to be a big hit—think a camel suede skirt with a creamy white, fuzzy sweater or victorian lace blouse.”

Get an extra wear out of your favorite summer clothes.

Garman wearing an Alice+Olivia dress. Photograph by Jen Eun.
Garman wearing an Alice+Olivia dress. Photograph by Jen Eun.

Don’t pack up your favorite summer clothes just yet! A military jacket (Garman loves this one) can turn a delicate, lightweight, or floral dress into a fall must-have. As it gets colder, you can also add tights (these are great for winter) and a nice pair of boots.

Also keep your silk blouses, dresses, and scarves hanging around. “The key to making [silk clothes] work into fall and winter is gravitating towards darker shades,” Garman says. Use jackets, scarves, and boots to add more texture (and warmth!) to your look.

Go bolder with your jewelry.

Delicate jewelry looks nice all-year long, but with heavier textures and more layers, simple chains and studs can be a little too subtle. Garman suggests pairing statement necklaces with bulky sweaters and jackets so your jewelry has the chance to stand out.

Her current statement jewelry obsession? Sophie Blake. “She’s a local designer and I seem to pick up something new every time I visit her shop in Mosaic District,” Garman says.

Sport bolder lip colors.

Pendant from Sophie Blake. Photograph by Jen Eun.
Pendant from Sophie Blake. Photograph by Jen Eun.

“Lipsticks are a game changer,” Garman says. “I’m totally in love with the new collaboration line between local beauty vlogger, Claire Ashley and Makeup Meltdown. The three shades basically cover the perfect lip colors for fall.”

Fringe is here to stay.

At first, Garman was skeptical of fringe’s lifespan, but the summer festival trend gets a more put-together look this fall. “People usually associate fringe with festivals, but there are so many sophisticated takes on the trend,” Garman says.

For example, Garman would mix a chunky knit peplum fringed sweater with skinny jeans for a date night look, or pair a fringed, tan suede pencil skirt with a light, silky blouse for spending the day in DC. The perfect way to bring a little summer flair into fall.

Always style your hair before topping off your look with a hat.

Photograph by Jen Eun.
Photograph by Jen Eun.

But I thought hats were to cover up a bad hair day? Yes, yes they are,” Garman says. “However, if you really want to avoid hat hair, styling before sporting is key.”

Garman says to make sure your hair is well-conditioned (she swears byIt’s a 10 and Drybar products), and use a heat-protectant and frizz-fighter when the air starts getting colder and dryer. She also uses a littleMoroccan oil to keep the ends of her hair from breaking and recommends using hat-filler so floppy hats don’t blow away on windy DC days.

Invest in some statement pieces for your wardrobe.

It’s great to have a closet full of basics and staples to carry you from season to season, but why not stand out a little? Garman’s noticing more and more statement pieces this fall—jeweled jackets, fun skirts, bags with some character—and says the best thing to do is look at the CPW (cost-per-wear) of a statement piece. “Finding a great statement piece you’ll wear over and over again is worth investing in,” Garman says.

Definitely try culottes.

Photograph by Jen Eun.
Photograph by Jen Eun.

“Look, I was hesitant at first too, but now I wear mine once a week,” Garman says. “They’re airy enough to keep you cool when it’s hot, and make the transition from day-to-night look effortless.”

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What to Wear on a Hot and Humid Rainy Day

A lightweight trench is your go-to item. Photograph by Jen Eun. (what to wear hot humid rainy day)
A lightweight trench is your go-to item. Photograph by Jen Eun. (what to wear hot humid rainy day)
A lightweight trench is your go-to item. Photograph by Jen Eun.

Originally published at Washingtonian.

In Washington, it’s hard not to break a sweat in the summer. High humidity and hot temperatures make the heat inescapable. Add in summer rain storms, and you become a hot, sweaty mess.

To avoid fashion mishaps—sweat-stained blouses, wet feet, and ruined leather handbags—It’s Julien fashion blogger Julien Garman shared her steadfast style tips to stay dry and fashionable on rainy summer days.

1. Wear a dress or skirt.

Garman almost always wears a dress or skirt on hot rainy days. Why? Wet pant legs are not at all comfortable or professional.

2. Avoid silk!

Though Garman adores silk—the fabric is lightweight and comfortable—sweat tends to show on silk garments. On hot and humid rainy days, it’s best to avoid materials that draw attention to the fact that you’re sweating. If you must wear silk, Garman recommends choosing something white, which won’t show sweat as easily.

3. A lightweight trench coat

The coat Garman is wearing (above, left) is actually linen, which lets you stay cool while offering substantial protection from the rain. “I also love this one from Estiletta,” Garman said. “But obviously, if Burberry is in the cards for you, by all means, go that route.”

4. Invest in a good pair of rain boots

“While it’s tempting to grab the cute pair from Target,” Garman said, “cheaper boots can tear or let water in.” Not a cute look.
Garman suggests investing in a sturdy pair of Hunter boots to keep your feet warm and dry.

5. Bring (or keep) a pair of nice shoes to change into at the office

Yes, it’s great to wear rain boots on your commute to and from work, but wearing rain boots in the office isn’t the most fashion-forward statement you can make. Plus, you don’t want to get caught in a last-minute meeting in wellies!

6. A lightweight scarf to protect jewelry

Two things that tarnish jewelry: water and sweat. You’ll come across both of these culprits on humid rainy days, so Garman suggests wearing a lightweight scarf to protect delicate necklaces from getting damp and tarnishing.

7. Tote your things in an inexpensive bag

This doesn’t have to be a tote bag you use for groceries, but if you have a sturdy purse that you don’t mind getting rained on, this is your best bet for toting your belongings. Garman loves the color-blocked Solsak bag—it even has a zipper compartment for an extra pair of shoes.

8. Budget time to do your hair at the office

Humidity and hair just doesn’t seem to mesh. To avoid a frizz fest, Garman arrives to work early to do her hair at the office. Most days, she also does her makeup right before work. “Is it glamorous? No.” Garman said. “But it’s far more effective than sweating it off in the daily commute.”

If you’re unable to squeeze in some time to polish up at the office, Garman recommends investing in some great waterproof mascara and eyeliner (she likes the Stilla All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner).

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Jason Wu Teaming Up With Target

Target is notorious for teaming up with haute couture designers —  creating more affordable designs. The Missoni collection sold out in minutes — the latest designer is  Jason Wu, whose designs have been worn by Michelle Obama, Ivana Trump and January Jones.

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