About Ryan

Hi! I'm a UX designer with a background in online journalism and web production, currently working at Washingtonian magazine in Washington, DC. As the magazine's sole UX Designer, I wear a lot of hats: I work with the magazine's editorial and digital teams to create products that meet our unique DC readers' needs, and I work with our advertising and marketing teams to create more user-friendly advertising strategies for our clients and our in-house products. Ultimately, I tackle UX projects with a focus on what the end-user is asking for and how to marry different users and stakeholders needs in a cohesive way.

I started working in UX design after studying Communications and Interactive Journalism and working as a web production editor and writer. In the journalism field, I have heard many editors and professors talk about the "Why." Why is this story important? Why is it relevant? And ultimately, why should the reader want to read what you have to say? As a writer, the "why" has always been something I've done my best to focus on (whether it's penning an in-depth feature about millennials returning to Appalachia or sharing simple tips on what to wear on hot and humid rainy days) and it is something I realized I wanted to learn more about. I wanted to learn more about the user and what they really need and want and how we can do a better job of serving them.

As a part of my journey to learn more about our users, I also manage Washingtonian's Instagram and Pinterest accounts and am one of many editors for the Washingtonian Facebook account. I love building relationships with our users and seeing first-hand what their ideas, opinions, and criticisms are.

Outside of Washingtonian's offices, I can be found trying new DC area restaurants (my favorites: Baked & Wired, Kapnos Taverna, and Pupatella), curating Pinterest boards, reading (I'm a fan of behavioral psychology books and murder mysteries and thrillers), and cooking new recipes (then Instagramming them, of course).

Check out my most recent work, and see what I've been writing on Medium and Washingtonian. If you'd like to get in touch, use the form below, shoot me a message on Twitter, or email me at ryan@ryanweisser.com. I also won't protest if you want to peruse my Instagram feed and Pinterest boards 😉