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After receiving an abundance of photos this weekend of dogs playing in the snow, our Washingtonian Instagram team sent out a call for DC-area residents to share more photos of their furry pals enjoying DC’s first snow/blizzard of the year.

So #blizzard2016 was basically the best weekend ever for our furry pals ❄️🐕 Share how your dogs spent #snowzilla with us by tagging #dcsnowdogs and @washingtonianmag–we’ll be picking our favorites to share on our Instagram feed! And for more adorable photos of dogs playing in the snow, follow the link above! Photo courtesy of Phil T.

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We expected A LOT of cute photos and videos of puppies rolling around in the snow, catching snowballs, and doing other fun winter activities (napping, mostly). And you all delivered. But what we didn’t expect, was to find what, quite possibly, might be the cutest corgi in Washington, DC.

Meet Gus of @dcgus.

Those boots! That waddle! The FLUFFINESS of that fur!

We had to go back to the beginnings of @dcgus’s humble Instagram account (268 followers, 96 posts as of Tuesday) to find out more. Spoilers: it’s unbearably cute. Here are 9 reasons you need to follow @dcgus, now:

1. He mastered the comedic art of falling at a young age.

so close. #dcgus #igdc #puppy #meanstreets #walkitoff #fail #dogfail

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2. He put himself in this bucket, because he knew how cute it would be.

yup, totally just got in this bucket on my own. though this shed behind me is an interesting place to explore. #farmlife #buckthis #choices

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3. He smiles like this.

heading home. #dcgus #gus #gusgus #corgi #corgisofinstagram #corgis #dogsofinstagram #dc #dcdogs @animals.co

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4. He can pull off almost-too-tight Christmas sweaters. SLAY.

my Christmas gift to everyone: 10 seconds of cooperation. #win #yourewelcome

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5. He’s adventurous.

2016: it’s going to be my time, my time down here. #gooniesneversaydie #readyforthenewyear #newyearseveeve

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6. And boss at finding the best sticks.

you see nothing, move along.

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7. He LOVES the snow, as any cute corgi naturally does.

Bounce. Bounce. Bounce. Bounce. Bounce. #bouncethat🍑 #rabbit #snowzilla #snowpocalypse2016

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8. He understands the importance of snuggling.

I don’t plan on getting out of bed until winter is over. #icant #winterneedstostopcoming

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9. And finally, THIS:

you can run. you can hide. but can’t escape. #rungusrun #running #dogsprints #futureolympian

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January 26, 2016

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